Björn Stoll | Meisterwerkstatt für Cello und Kontrabass


...Committed to tradition ... with an eye on the future...

Other things are occasionally more important...

I still remember the magic of the workshop atmosphere from when I was just a small child. As I grew older, I was already able to help my father. I enjoyed the work, learned quickly, and it was a good feeling to create something which gave others such pleasure. I was infected – “string instrument fever” – and there was no more stopping my next steps: Apprenticeship, master craftsman's qualification, own workshop, and a mind full of new ideas waiting to be implemented. A lot has happened in the meantime, there is hardly a fair which I have missed, and the reward has been many satisfied customers around the world.

“String instrument fever”


Of course, I do some things differently to the “old generation”, but there are nevertheless characteristics which I have taken over from my father: The glance back over my shoulder as I leave the workshop, for example, and the satisfied smile at another successful day's work. With each branding stamp which I apply to a finished bass or cello, I also enter into an obligation towards the future player – the promise of a craft-made instrument which will hopefully give pleasure for many years to come.