Instruments from the hand of a master

Whether it's to be a Milano or Havanna bass, or one of the many other models – the choice is yours! The starting point for every instrument is your individual wishes and expectations. We can then carefully choose the right, seasoned tonewood and get down to work. Several weeks may have passed before the final coat of lacquer has dried, but we make sure to keep you up to date on the progress. When the branding mark is applied at last, a new instrument is born. And like a child, every instrument which leaves the workshop is something special. Unmistakeably an instrument from the hand of a master.

Satisfied customers

Love at first sight?! Sometimes you see an instrument and know straightaway: That's the one, and no other... And if the sound is equally captivating, there is nothing more in the way of an “impulse purchase”. But let's be honest – such cases are exceptions rather then the norm. The purchase of a new instrument is usually the culmination of a long process. The typical player would first like to test the various alternatives as thoroughly as possible, to ask colleagues and teachers for their opinion, to test again, and so on...

To help you with your decision, I can naturally offer you the possibility to test “your” instrument and to obtain those opinions which are important to you. I would be happy to let you get to know the instrument at your leisure, and if you then become an inseparable couple, then you have my fullest understanding. After a purchase, too, I am here to offer you advice and assistance. I am certain that, together, we will always find the right solutions.