Great-grandfather... father... son...

The name Stoll has been associated with instrument making since 1836. It was in that year that Ernst Stoll founded the company ESTOMA to produce strings. My father, Klaus Stoll, began an apprenticeship with RUBNER in 1964 and there learned the craft of cello and bass making. With his wealth of experience, he is a priceless advisor and supports me in the pursuit of my new ideas and goals. Even today, we often sit down together to discuss intricate work steps during repairs or the restoration of valuable old instruments. picture:Klaus Stoll (right) in the RUBNER workshop in the 1970s

It is as if the Stolls have instrument making in their blood. I have been producing master‑quality instruments in my own workshop in Erlbach since 1995. I am at home in a region where musical instruments have been made for over 350 years, and I am proud to be able to continue this wonderful tradition. To preserve proven quality and to venture along new paths – that combination is the philosophy behind my instrument making.

Stoll - family tradition

You cannot re-invent string instruments, but there are always ways to improve them. The successful implementation of innovations calls for many years of experience and intensive exchanges with colleagues and musicians. It is immeasurable fortune that my best advisor – and critic! – is my father, Klaus Stoll. We have spent so many evenings and weekends together in the workshop, “after hours” so to speak, looking for ways to make my instruments even better. Without the support of my parents, many things would not have been possible.